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About Convowear

Convowear is your one-stop platform for buying and renting convocation dresses and accessories. We bring to you the best graduation products at your doorstep. We have gowns, caps, tassels, stoles, and sashes for you and your friends. Capping season is here and Convowear is going to make your graduation party memorable.

We have a tie-up with 650 reputed educational institutions across 22 states in India. We also service in 5 countries apart from India as of now and plan to expand. We focus on providing our customers with the best possible service so that they can walk out on their graduation day with a smile on their face. We are committed to providing quality products, competitive prices, and on time delivery.

Convowear is one of India’s fastest growing online graduation products stores. Our products are tailor-made to suit every type of graduation ceremony starting from the national-level institutions to the local universities.

Customize your graduation products to make them memorable. Whether you want to flaunt your school colors or want to give your school a unique identity, we can help you!
Convowear is working with 600+ educational institutions across India to deliver the best graduation products and make your graduation ceremony unforgettable.

Mission & Vision

Your Graduation marks the beginning of your new phase of life. To commemorate this moment in your life, you need a suit that’s as good as you are. Convowear strides to make your graduation memorable with the perfect outfit. We’ve styles that will help you make your night memorable.

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Why Choose us?


Our graduation gowns are made with premium quality fabrics. We believe everyone deserves a quality graduation gown at a reasonable price, hence we are steadily working towards achieving this goal. With high-quality and lightweight fabric, we strive to make your day perfect and comfortable.


Our gowns are made- to- order according to your requirements. We personalize your gown to help you comfortably celebrate your graduation. We make customized gowns according to size, style and color of your choice. Find your perfect fit for your perfect day.

Ease of Odering

We make convenience and customer satisfaction our utmost priority. Ditch the hassle of finding your perfect fit and opt for smooth shopping and delivery service with Convowear. We promise to make your experience a pleasure.

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