Whether you need simple but magnificent caps for elementary school students or full and formal gown and cap sets for your high school graduates, the perfect graduation regalia for your class is just a click away. As sizing is based primarily on height, picking your graduation day outfit is easier once you’ve selected the right group for your grade level.

Convowear have a wide range of graduation regalia.

  • Caps, gowns, tassels, of the best quality, are available individually or in sets.
  • Honor cords, hoods, and other forms of academic attire
  • Diplomas, certificates of achievement, and other important documents.
  • Everything you need for your class commencement celebration may be found quickly and easily!

Graduation is a major moment for students, their families, and faculty. The occasion is formal and fine clothing and accessories are appropriate. Academic dress stretches back to the Middle Ages and still reflects the dignity and honor due to people who have diligently pursued their education. Convowear has a large product line to fulfil all of your graduation requirements. Create lasting memories with items that will look excellent in graduation photos. You’ll be proud to present your family and friends your photographs, tassels, cords, and diploma.

Academic attire for the graduation ceremony varies by university. We provide a larger variety of college gowns and caps that meet common academic requirements, whether you need Bachelors or Masters graduation attire. If your university offers hoods as part of the traditional college cap and gown package, we can certainly provide the best quality hoods accessible for your undergrad ceremony. In addition to black gowns for bachelor’s degrees, community colleges and vocational schools can wear a wide range of colors for associate’s degrees.