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Graduation Gowns

Graduation Gowns & Hat

We manufacture high-quality gowns for your graduation day.  We use the finest quality fabric to manufacture our products. Best quality satin gowns, cotton matte finish gowns are available. See our wide range of ceremonial gowns and hats.

Kids Graduation Gown

Kids Gowns & Hat

We manufactured the fine quality regalia for the schools. Comfortable gowns for the kids with easy to wear with velcron strip in front of the gown. Satin and matte finish high quality fine cloth were use to manufacture these graduation gown.

Stole & Sashes

Our honor stole and graduation sash products are becoming more and more popular every year. They represent an academic achievement or honors award your child may earn. We finely crafted our stoles and sashes for the best day of your life.

Graduation Hoods

Graduation Hoods

Our hoods are made of fine quality cloth which represents the field of study. This hood has a black shell with a definitive sheen and the velvet color is made of a cotton-velveteen blend. A beautiful duo-colour satin lining and chevron which features your specific school colors.

Graduation Hat

Graduation Hat

Students choosing any of our deluxe or economy graduation hats will look great in these higher-quality caps. These are comfortable caps with elastic in the back which make it easy to wear.  We have satin, matte and velvet graduation hats for the convocation.

Indian Graduation Attire

Indian Graduation Attire

Our Indian graduation attire for the convocation gave you a good desi look. We have angvastram, khadi kurta and waist coat. We also have pagdi safa available for the Indian convocation day.

Advocate Gowns

Advocate Dress

For Advocates and Court officials, our robes are hand-fashioned in a variety of materials. We also provide robes and gowns for a variety of civic occasions. Our robes are wrinkle-free fabric gowns with fluted yolk at the back. It can be opened or closed with the help of straps.

Graduation Accessories

Graduation Accessories

We also have certificates, diploma holders, scrolls, tassels etc. available for the graduation day ceremony. We manufacture High- quality PU material Diploma holders, Rayon for the tassels. And Zinc alloy for the year charm.

Choir Robes

Choir Robes & Stoles

Choir robes are the formal attire worn by church musicians of the Christian faith today. The first Christian clergy members wore an early form of this flowing gown to symbolize their religious identity hundreds of years later. The style subsequently extended throughout the choir, and today’s church choirs wear robes of various hues.


Our objective is to provide our customers with an “Unforgettable” graduation experience. We’ve been able to keep our customer retention high because of our never-ending dedication to wowing our clients and exceeding their service expectations.

When you shop by academic level, it’s never been easier to find the proper graduation gown for your convocation. It’s fast and easy to select the complete package of sizes, styles, and accessories suit your graduating class.

Whether you need simple but magnificent caps for elementary school students or full and formal gown and cap sets for your high school graduates, the perfect graduation regalia for your class is just a click away. As sizing is based primarily on height, picking your graduation day outfit is easier once you’ve selected the right group for your grade level.

Convowear have a wide range of graduation regalia.

  • Caps, gowns, tassels, of the best quality, are available individually or in sets.
  • Honor cords, hoods, and other forms of academic attire
  • Diplomas, certificates of achievement, and other important documents.
  • Everything you need for your class commencement celebration may be found quickly and easily!

Graduation is a major moment for students, their families, and faculty. The occasion is formal and fine clothing and accessories are appropriate. Academic dress stretches back to the Middle Ages and still reflects the dignity and honor due to people who have diligently pursued their education. Convowear has a large product line to fulfil all of your graduation requirements. Create lasting memories with items that will look excellent in graduation photos. You’ll be proud to present your family and friends your photographs, tassels, cords, and diploma.

Academic attire for the graduation ceremony varies by university. We provide a larger variety of college gowns and caps that meet common academic requirements, whether you need Bachelors or Masters graduation attire. If your university offers hoods as part of the traditional college cap and gown package, we can certainly provide the best quality hoods accessible for your undergrad ceremony. In addition to black gowns for bachelor’s degrees, community colleges and vocational schools can wear a wide range of colors for associate’s degrees.